Upwork Profile Completion

Why It is important to have a complete 100% Upwork profile?

It is important to have a complete and accurate Upwork profile because this is where you leave the impression of a professional or novice on your prospective clients. It is also important to achieve the statuses on Upwork like Rising Talen, Top Rated and more.

Where can I find my percentage?

To find your profile completion percentage, go to find work page and on the right side of this page; you’ll find Profile completion percentage

How Upwork distributes score to profile?

Upwork profile items can be divided in 2 categories. One is required and the other one is optional. Required items include:-

Profile Photo

Profile Title

Profile Overview

Employment History

At Least 1 Skill Tag

All the items mentioned above contribute 60% of your profile completion.

The second part of an Upwork profile is Optional which includes:-

Portfolio Item – 5% each (max 20%)

Employment History Item – 10% each (max 20%)

Education – 10% each (max 20%)

Profile Video – 10%

Linked Account – 10% (max 10%)

Certificate – 5% each (max 10%)

Other Experience – 5% (max 5%)

Now all you need to do is complete the 60% required and pick any item from optionals to make profile completion 100%

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