Founder's Message

Journey of becoming The Leader

I have been working in the industry for more than 2 decades now. I have seen things being evolved from typewriter to computer to mobile phones. I started my career as a developer and have practical experience on all the topics related to Digital Marketing & eCommerce.

Realizing my value of Contribution; I encourage masses, in general and youth, in particular to Digital Entrepreneurship. We facilitate different career oriented and digital skills development trainings and mentor youngsters on how to kick start their career in eCommerce.

I believe everyone has a potential to grow. All It takes; is courage to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. I am a strong believer of having an imperfect small start. Just pick one thing and start doing it day and night. Keep polishing it. I don’t believe in finding your purpose. You find your purpose while doing something. It will never happen while reading about some possible purposes.

Atif Nazeer - eCommerce Expert
Atif Nazeer

This is what I teach. This is what my philosophy is. I teach to put an headphones on your ears and block all external and internal negative talks and start improving your career day by day. I encourage to do the work today so that tomorrow, you could become what you want to become.

And I now see it happening. My students are earning from $500 to $20000 a month. They are making a real good income out of the skills learned at Leaders. Do you wish to talk to me? Schedule a call or meeting. I would love to counsel you and clear your doubts.

I wish you all a happy & prosperous life.