Launch Partnership Program

Do you have small investment but want to launch your product on Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. Do you find it hard to pay Alibaba Gold Membership fee? If your answer is yes then Launch Partnership Program is the solution. 

We have successfully experiemented it with our students and results are great. With divided investment, everything is divided from investment to risk. The whole idea of Launch Partnership Program is to encourage you take step. To do something with you newly learned skill.

How It works?

We will divide the total investment required for a launch into small manageable parts. Then It becomes a team work. A collective effort where each participant plays it’s part to make the launch successful. 

Launch Partnership Program is free with all our Business oriented trainings like Amazon Private Label FBA, Amazon Wholesale,  Alibaba, eBay, Shopify, Daraz and trainings. It is open for all but there are some conditions. If you find it interesting, contact us or schedule a meeting our Expert to guide you in detail.

Please contact on 0312-1441834 If you want to participate in Launch Partnership Program.