Shared Workspace (Booster)

After genes, our environment is the biggest determinant of our lives. Our exposure to career options sets the direction for our lives. You’ll never know about an opportunity unless you are exposed to it. Unless you see someone doing it better than you, you can not grow. Booster is shared workspace which gives you environment, networking and challenges you to reach to your maximum potential. 

It is a mobile free zone where only SUCCESS happens. Where you’ll only work with full focus and dedication. We believe one hour spent in Booster is 100 times better than working in a clumsy and non productive environment. 

Come; sit with like-minded people and grow by being with the people of growth mindset because you are the avarage of the 5 people you spend the most time with so If you truely want to grow, change your environment.

The good part is; 3 months Booster subscription with 1 time slot is free for The Leaders or Collaborator’s students who participate in Leaders Mentorship Program

Please contact on 0312-1441834, If you are interested in signing up for Booster.

Career Booster - Shared Workspace