Valid Tracking Rate

How to improve your Valid Tracking Rate (VTR)

Valid Tracking Rate is a performance metric because Amazon is all about meeting the customers’ expectations and VTR sets that for customers so It’s important for you as a seller to do your best to maintain this rate. Here are some suggestions to maintain this:-

  • Always purchase shipping labels through Amazon buy shipping services. It provides you several benefits like you can instantly update tracking information for all your orders. It also provides you delivery status when you’ll check it through ‘Order details’ page in Seller Central. Another benefit that this may provide is reduced number of A-Z Claims.
  • There are some measures that you can take on entry level to ensure your Valid Tracking Rate. Double check your tracking number before entering.
  • It is highly recommended to choose Amazon integrated carriers. You can find them from the drop down menu on ‘Order detail’ page. The reason of recommending Amazon integrated carriers is that they provide real-time tracking status to Amazon.
  • It is important to update tracking information within 24 hours of handing the package to the carrier. It will be marked as a defect if you’ll update tracking information after the delivery because customer won’t be able to track it.

You can submit a plan of action to op-pso-vtr-appeals@amazon.com and apply for reinstatement in case your account is suspended due to Valid Tracking Rate. You must note that Valid Tracking Rate metric will be affected by the orders mention in Defect Report

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