Upwork Boost your Proposal Feature

Upwork has recently introduced a new feature; “Boost your Proposal”. Although it’s in testing phase at the moment, it could help you win projects. Upwork will charge you additional connects to use this feature so there will be 2 usage of the connects while sending your proposals:-

•        You will require to have the connects that are required to bid on any specific project

•        You will spend additional connect so that your proposal could move to the top of the list of proposals

Freelancers will bid using the connects and the freelancer who will win the bid; will be shown with a blue lightning bolt and “Highly Interested”. This will happen only if you’ll win the auction.

How to place a bid to boost your proposal

You’ll see a new box in send your proposal page with “Boost your proposal” title, enter the number of connects that you are willing to spend to get top position. If your bid will win, your proposal will be moved to the top of the list.

What will happen If you’ll not win the project

Upwork will refund you the additional connects that you used to boost your proposal. Upwork will refund after 7 days or when the client will hire someone else.

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