Fiverr Order Completion Rate

Although fiverr calculates this for you automatically and whenever you’ll log in your profile, you’ll see your order completion rate but if you ever have got any fiverr order cancelled then you might be wondering how is it going to affect your level upon next evaluation so here is how you can calculate your Order Completion Rate.

You will need to have 2 numbers to calculate your Order Completion Rate:-

  • Completed orders in last 60 days.
  • All orders including cancelled orders in last 60 days

Now here is the formula for your Order Completion Rate:

Completion Rate = Completed orders * 100 / All Orders

Simply put, multiple completed orders with 100 and then divide it with all orders in last 60 days.

How can you find orders (completed + cancelled) in last 60 days

Go to Selling -> Earnings and filter orders by month. You’ll then find 2 types of orders:-

  • Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer (These are your cancelled orders)
  • Order Revenue (These are your completed orders)

Now just count your orders with respective titles and use the formula, you’ll get your Order Completion Rate

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